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About Shane Tibbs & Associates

Shane Tibbs & Associates are your North Queensland local Insurance Broker & Financial Planner dedicated to providing General Insurance and Financial Planning for more than 25 years. Shane Tibbs dedicated team have access to over 100 product providers and will review your insurance to see who is offering the best cover and the best premiums, for your particular property/asset, whether it is your home, business, car or just about anything you wish to insure.

Shane Tibbs & Associates was established by Shane in 1987 after serving 5 years with the former SGIO and together with his expert staff have a combined experience of over 80 years in the Insurance and Financial Planning industry. Having worked inside for Insurance and Financial Planning Companies Shane has gained valuable knowledge of the systems and details to obtain the best out comes for clients.

The full team are:

  • Shane Tibbs (Certified Financial Planner and Insurance Broker).
  • Dallas Mesner (Insurance Broker).
  • Diane Tibbs (Insurance Broker).
  • Sandy Blakey (Insurance Broker, tier 2).
  • John Virgona (Financial Planner).
  • Jannette Garden (Financial Planning Assistant).
  • Julie Patane (Insurance Broker, tier 2 Innisfail Office).
  • Melanie Tibbs (Broker Assistant)

  • For many years Shane Tibbs & Associates operated as insurance agents for Suncorp and the former SGIO in Cairns. Originally, all general insurance for Suncorp was done through Agents. Over the years, Suncorp developed branch networks and call centres as another way customers could conduct business. Premiums and cover however, were always the same regardless of which system customers used.

    In 2010 Suncorp decided to withdraw all business insurance choosing to focus mainly on home and car insurance. They also decided to discontinue with its local agents channel, preferring to conduct business via the Branch network, Internet or Call Centres.

    We then moved our General Insurance to the Broker model, allowing us to provide a much broader choice of insurance options for clients.

    Shane Tibbs & Associates are located:
  • Cairns - 206 Buchan Street Cairns, please see our contact page for location map.
  • Innisfail - 66 Edith Street Innisfail, next door to the Commonwealth Bank.

  • Shane Tibbs and Associates - Shane Tibbs - STA Financial

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